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Recommended Environment

OS Browser
  • Google Chrome
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  • Google Chrome
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  • The latest versions of these browsers are recommended.
  • JavaScript and TLS must be enabled.
  • Cookies are not used.
  • No smartphone site version of "COVID-19 Vaccine Navi" is available. The screen size of the website is automatically optimized for your browser.

Main Page Layout

1. Header
This section has common menu across all "COVID-19 Vaccine Navi".
This section also has buttons to select preferred languages and font sizes.The site is available in Japanese, Plain Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
2. Search Vaccination Sites
You can look for available medical institutions and vaccination sites in your area, as well as check the latest vaccination information and appointment status.
3. The Vaccination
This section provides information about vaccination rolled out in Japan.
4. How to get vaccinated
This section provides the procedure to make a vaccination appointment and the flow of vaccination at the site. To receive a vaccination, a voucher sent from your local government is required.
5. News List
This section provides the latest information about the COIVD-19. This section also includes buttons to navigate to the News List.
6. Footer
This section is displayed in all Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Navi pages.
This section contains buttons to navigate to different pages, as well as to the privacy policy, terms of use, and accessibility policy.

Search Vaccination Site

1 Select Prefecture

  • 1. Select a prefecture where you want to look for medical institutions and vaccination sites. Clicking a link of the prefecture will display ② "Select City".

2 Select City

  • 2. Next, select a municipality (city, ward, town, or village). Clicking a link of the municipality will display ③ "List of Vaccination Sites".

3 List of Vaccination Sites

  • 3. You can use search criteria to filter the sites. You can select or enter:
    • Show only sites that can be reserved
    • Display only site open for general public
    • Institution name, Address, Postal No
    • Vaccine Manufacturer
    Then, click Narrow down by this condition.
  • 4. A list of medical institutions and vaccine sites is displayed. Click the "+" button to display the details.
  • 5. You may need to navigate between pages if the search result contains many entries.

Detailed Information (when you click the + button)

  • 6. Basic information about the vaccination sites and medical institutions is provided.
    Meaning of each symbol are indicated below:
    No reservation required
    Reservation available
    Slightly available
    Not ready for reservation
    Not available
  • 7. A button to navigate to the online reservation page as well as phone number to make a reservation are available. By using them, you can make a reservation for your vaccination.
    (They may not be displayed depending on the selected vaccination site or medical institution)