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Terms of Use

This terms of use (the "Terms") defines the terms of use of the information and the medical institution search service to be provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ("MHLW") in this website (the "Website").

  • Article 1 (Application and Consent)

    This Terms applies to all relationships between users and MHLW regarding the use of the Website. Users shall use the Website according to this Terms. Users are deemed to have agreed with the Terms by using the Website.

  • Article 2 (Prohibited Acts)

    Users are prohibited from performing any of the following acts when using the Website:

    • 1.

      Acts that violate laws or are against public order

    • 2.

      Acts related to criminal activities

    • 3.

      Acts that infringe copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property rights on the Website including but not limited to the content of the Website

    • 4.

      Acts that damage or obstruct the features of servers or networks of MHLW, other users, or any other third-parties

    • 5.

      Acts that use the information obtained from the Website for commercial purposes

    • 6.

      Acts that repeatedly inquires similar or same questions more than necessary, acts that make unreasonable request to MHLW, or any other acts that can potentially obstruct the service operation of the Ministry

    • 7.

      Acts that spread false or inaccurate information about the Website, or any other acts that damage the reputation of the Website

    • 8.

      Illegal access or acts that attempt such access

    • 9.

      Acts that collect or accumulate personal information of other users of the Website.

    • 10.

      Acts that use the Website for illicit purposes

    • 11.

      Acts that causes prejudice, damage, or discomfort to other users of the Website or any other third parties

    • 12.

      Announcements, advertisements, inducement, or sales activities that are not approved by MHLW on the Website

    • 13.

      Acts that directly or indirectly provide advantages to anti-social forces in relation to the services of the Ministry

    • 14.

      Any other acts that MHLW deems inappropriate

  • Article 3 (Available Hours of the Website and Suspension of Service)

    • 1.

      The Website is available, in principle, for 24 hours throughout the year; provided, however, that some features on the Website may become unavailable due to the operation status of the management system.

    • 2.

      MHLW has a right to stop, suspend, or terminate the operation of the Website after posting a notice on the MHLW’s COVID-19 Information and Resources website or the Website, when MHLW determines any of the following conditions is met. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in case of emergency, MHLW may stop, suspend, or terminate all or in part of the Website without any prior notice to the users of the Website.

      • (1)

        Maintenance or update of the computer system related to the Website is required;

      • (2)

        Operation of the Website is difficult to continue due to inevitable force, such as an earthquake, lightning strike, electric power outage, or other natural disasters;

      • (3)

        The computers and/or communication networks become unavailable due to an accident;

      • (4)

        MHLW determined that it is difficult to continue to operate the Website for any reason.

    • 3.

      Under no circumstances MHLW will be liable to any prejudices or losses of the users or third-parties caused by suspension or termination of the Website.

    • 4.

      MHLW may limit the use of the Website when the Website receives a significant amount of access requests.

  • Article 4 (Equipment of the Website Users)

    • 1.

      The Website users shall prepare all required equipment and software (including all materials related to the devices and means of communication) at their own expense. All required procedures shall be performed by the users of the Website on their own responsibility.

    • 2.

      The user shall be responsible for all expenses related to communication and other matters required to use the Website.

  • Article 5 (Intellectual Property Rights of the Website)

    All copyrights, moral rights of the authors, trademark and any other intellectual property rights, and the rights relating to know-how and any other intellectual property belong solely to MHLW or their rightful third party owners. Unless otherwise specified in the Term, any use of the Website does not mean any transfer of such intellectual property rights, any establishment of the right of using such intellectual property, or any grant of the license of such intellectual property.

  • Article 6 (Disclaimer of Warranty and Other Disclaimers)

    • 1.

      MHLW does not guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, that the Website is free from factual or legal defects (including safety, reliability, completeness, effectiveness, suitability to specific purposes, security failure or errors, bugs, infringement of rights).

    • 2.

      Under no circumstances, MHLW shall be liable to any loss or damage incurred by the users of the Website arising out of the use of the Website; except for damages or losses if all or in part thereof are caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of MHLW.

    • 3.

      Under no circumstances, MHLW shall be liable to any communications or disputes in relation to the Website that occurs between a user and another user or a third-party.

  • Article 7 (Revision of the Website Content)

    MHLW may revise the content of the Website, and suspend or discontinue the operation of the Website without any prior notice. MHLW shall not be liable to any damage or loss incurred by the users due to such revision, suspension or discontinuation.

  • Article 8 (Revision of Terms of Use)

    MHLW may revise the Terms without any prior notice to the users when MHLW determines it is necessary to revise the Terms. The revised Terms shall become effective when its content is announced by posting on the Website and/or other means that MHLW considers appropriate. By using the Website on or after the Term is revised, a user is deemed to have agreed with the revised Terms as of their use of the Website.

  • Article 9 (Handling of Personal Information)

    MHLW shall handle personal information and privacy information collected through the Website in accordance with "Privacy Policy" (to be provided separately).

  • Article 10 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)

    • 1.

      All matters related to the Terms and the use of the Website is governed by the laws of Japan.

    • 2.

      Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction competent court in the first instance for any disputes arising out or in connection with the Website.